Monday, June 14, 2010

Where Goes Superior?

Ahh, Superior. 

Often, "Ahh..", used in this context is followed by "wilderness."  Maybe it should also be used in this sense about rural Arizona.

Superior, Arizona, is definitely rural, having sprung from nothing more than the geological discovery of copper and gold.  Geologists found it, mining interests exploited it,  millions of dollars were made by Resolution Copper stockholders, and now the excitement is winding down.

Mining exists in Superior at 10% of what it was, employment is at a level lower than that, people have retreated.

What remains. . . you be the judge...

Hey guys, where'd everybody go...?

Deserted streets, irrelevant stop sign.

Shuttered windows . . .

A lonely dentist. . .

Secrets behind the wall . . .

Storage? . . . ain't nuthin to store!

Sinclair's Little Dino. . . neither company nor logo has existed for years.

For the lonely town, lost employment, lost homes and shattered lives, Andrew Harding, Chief Executive of Copper, Rio Tinto Ltd., received total compensation of over $2 million annually.  Is he proud of what he does?. . . Who knows?. . . He lives in England.