Friday, November 16, 2012

Florence Loses Her Water -- Part 2

Fracking Florence for Copper

Curis Resources is using a controversial "hydraulic fracturing" process, otherwise known as fracking, to obtain copper in an electro-deposition mining operation in a largely residential area of Florence, Arizona. (see previous post)  The fracking process jeopardizes the potability of Florence's water supply.  Although Curis claims that the sulfuric acid/water solution used to dissolve copper is no stronger than vinegar, I'd challenge Curis executives to pour it over their holiday salads.  

Curis Resources Florence Copper Project will use a fracking 
process which has been shown to create misery and severe
 health concerns for nearby residents.

Among the list of players, below, the first two are principals in this drama...the last three are prophetic icons of what may occur if the promises of safety made by Curis Resources go awry. 
Curis Resources Ltd., a Canadian company and subsidiary of Hunter Dickinson Inc., with operations in the United States. The firm is beginning an in-situ copper mining process that entails injecting a water/sulfuric acid mixture into a copper ore body and extracting the mixture through an otherwise pure aquifer. First, however, the ore is pulverized or fracked to make it more available to the acid solution.
Florence, Arizona, a quiet small town known for ranching and farming and on the verge of development that would make it as large as Tucson. Florence uses the aquifer through which Curis Resources is drilling/fracking.

Silent Spring, written by Rachel Carson, has been out slightly over 50 years.  First published in September, 1962, the book created a sea-change in the ecological infra-structure of America.

Orion Magazine, an eclectic publication with a subtitle of “NATURE / CULTURE / PLACE” used its September/October issue as a loose celebration of Rachel Carson, broad environmental issues, and commentary on the relationship between people, corporations, and their relation to the environment.

BP’s Deepwater Horizon off-shore drilling platform had an unanticipated blowout killing 11 people and subsequently paid the largest fine of its type in US history.

Where will this situation end?  Despite all good intentions, Florence will get fracked, all for a $2.50 / lb. metal.